My Skin Care Hero’s


Skin care can actually be a big chore for some people but for me its a pleasure. I love the feeling of freshly clean skin and taking off the days makeup. Skincare can take a while but it is so so important especially as no one is getting any younger! (The dreaded wrinkles are starting to set in around the eyes, why god why!!!)

My favourite skin care products are not super expensive, they are from the high street and they are really working for me. My skin is not oily, it is actually quite dry and sensitive. I have had problems in the past with some products causing breakouts and even more dryness especially for some reason with Clinique skin care even though it has been designed for sensitive skin.

The following 8 products might not work for some people as they can sting and feel rather strong on the skin but they do work and they make my skin feel tightend, fresh and moisturised.


I use this cleanser when I have taken off my makeup to give my face a final cleanse. It leaves my skin feeling extremely clean and tight. I use this every night.

2.GARNIER Micellar Cleansing Water

This product is very popular with a lot of people, it takes off every shred of makeup and grime. I use this product when I have already taken off my makeup with a hot cloth cleanser, just to go over my face to make sure I have removed all traces of makeup. I also use this every morning to go over my eyes to remove any sleep.

3.Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing lotion (Sensitive Skin)

I have used this cleanser since I was about 11 years old and my skin still absolutely loves it. It still makes my skin feels so fresh and clean, I love the way it slightly stings when I apply it and it cleanses my pores so well. I use this cleanser every night and every morning before I put on my moisturiser. I will use this product forever and the best thing it is for sensitive skin. I really hope it never gets discontinued, I would cry!


I love this cleanser! It is basically a dupe of the Liz Earl hot cloth cleanser but alot cheaper. I have used the Liz Earl cleanser before and this superdrug equivalent is just as good. I use this every night to take off my makeup. I use this with a flannel and hot water and its fantastic.

5.St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub in Blemish FightingΒ 

If you dont like very harsh face scrubs then you will not like this product. I personally love harsh scrubs as it feels like they are really working, I love the feel of a deep pore scrub. I use this after the hot cloth cleanser and afterwards my skin feels so soft. St. Ives do some finer scrubs and they are catered for all different skin types.

6.Olay Anti-Wrinkle FIRM & LIFT night cream

This is my dream night cream, being 30 in a few months I have now got a dependency on anti-wrinkle night creams. This cream does exactly what it says, it firms and lifts my skin through the night and I have really noticed results. This is the last step in my skin care routine at night. This cream is something I could not live with out.

7.Naturally Radiant 2 IN 1 Moisturiser and serum

I use this product every morning after I have cleansed as it is very light. I do not want a heavy moisturiser after makeup especially as I also use a primer as part of my makeup routine. It makes my skin feels so fresh and lovely and its the perfect start to the day.

8.Garnier Skin Naturals pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask

I use this mask twice a week. I take off all my makeup, fully cleanse my face and apply a thick layer of the mask and leave it on for about 10 minutes. It self heats as it applies and it feels warm on the skin through out the 10 minutes that it is on. It makes my skin feel fantastic, so clean and firm. I think it is a very strong mask so I would not use more than twice a week.

If you have any skin care recommendations then just leave me a comment.

Love S x

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