Garnier Pure Naturals Self-Heating Sauna Mask Review


I am a really passionate about skin care, and this includes face masks. I am always in search of a mask which makes my skin feel clean straight away but also leaves my skin feeling clean for days after.

I was searching for skin care on and I came across the Garnier self heating sauna mask. First of all there are two applications (which are sealed separately) and they cost less than Β£2 which is fab! When I first applied the mask I was not convinced that it would actually self heat on my skin which it claims as I have had similar masks in the past which have not self heated as promised. This mask did, and it was fantastic! I was in love.

The product is a spearmint green and the consistency is clay and very thick. I loved the smell which was very fresh and clean. Before applying the mask I wet my skin, then I massaged in the mask and it self heated straight away. My skin was slightly stinging (I have quite sensitive skin) but when that happens with skin care I feel that it is working and actually doing something to my skin.

I left it on for 3 minutes which the instructions advise, I think leaving the product on for more than 3 minutes would be too much as it is very strong. The mask it self was a bit difficult to remove and it was so thick and creamy, I used a wet flannel to remove the product which did work. My skin instantly felt so clean, it was amazing. My skin has never felt so clean, fresh and tight after using a mask before. My skin felt amazing for about 5 days afterwards, and my skin just felt more evened out and a better texture.

I would recommend this mask for any one who likes a strong clay mask which really leaves the skin feeling tight and very fresh.

Leave me a comment with any mask recommendations as I am always looking for a new product.

Love S x

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