Appreciating My Body At 30

I am plus size, had a baby nearly 6 months ago, 30 years old and I love my body.


I have always been curvy and i’m fairly tall (5fy 9″) puberty came early to me at 10 years old and that’s when my very womanly body started. I have always been very comfortable in my own skin but even more so now at the grand age of 30.

I went through the usual shyness period when I was a teenager not wanting to talk to boys and hating when my mum would insist on coming into changing rooms with me. This however was never anything to do with my weight. People would always say “Oh aren’t you a big girl” and “You look big for your age” which isn’t the most tactful conversation to have with a child. These kind of things said to a child/teenager could send them into an eating disorder but luckily they did not affect me. I was usually found reading Vogue as a child, not wishing that I looked like the models but lusting after the fashion.

Why should I be affected by society and there idea of “normal” or “whats healthy”? I’m actually very healthy, I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, I eat organic and a lot of vegan food. I’m meant to be bigger, curvy, fat even however you want to say it. I am so over caring what people think of my figure, at 30 I know who I am and what my life is about. My fiance thinks i’m beautiful and sexy and that’s all that matters to me.

When I was at university working on my fashion degree, and I could never be a model as I was not an industry standard size 10 I would just console myself in the fact that I always look on point and my style is excellent (well in my opinion). These views I have of my body however make people feel uncomfortable. Society hates it when a fat girl loves her body and doesn’t hide away in a darkened room wearing a sack.

I constantly get asked if i’m going to go on a diet after having my son or isn’t it hard losing baby weight. When I explain that I have always been this size they usually recoil in horror and ask me where I manage to buy clothes. I love fashion and beauty and I wear what I want, bodycon dresses, pattern, stripes, white, all things that “larger women” should not wear. Fashion is for everyone, what ever the size, we shouldn’t even talk in sizes. Who cares what size somebody is, just care about everyone’s individual style, beauty and amazingness. This also relates to women and men who are labeled as too skinny, some people are just naturally slim. We need to STOP BODY SHAMING!

On top of my figure I also have stretch marks from having my son nearly 6 months ago. My stomach is covered in silver marks. I’m not embarrassed of these marks as I produced a human. They just add to my figure which is all part of my life.

I will never hide away, I will never stop celebrating my body and I will never apologise for who I am. Stretch marks and all!

Love S x

2 thoughts on “Appreciating My Body At 30

  1. pashonistablogs says:

    This is a great post! I myself am curvy, and even though I’m trying to get in better shape, I don’t want to lose my curves. I just eat healthier, and it makes me feel better internally. I think you’re beautiful, and you rock that outfit in your picture! xo


    • theretrogirlblog says:

      Thank You for your lovely comment @pashonistablogs Everyone needs to be proud of their bodies, eat healthy and keep their curves. You have the right attitude! X

      Liked by 1 person

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