#GOMO Leeds Corn Exchange


Saturday 25th June 2016- Leeds Corn Exchange 

Hello everyone, Today I headed to Leeds in Yorkshire. I had heard of an old corn exchange building which had now been transformed into an alternative shopping and socialising hub.

The weather was appalling (Raining Again!) but I still wanted to #GOMO so this was the perfect place. Plus it was a great place to listen to the rain on the domed roof and watch the world go by with a yummy coffee.

From the outside the building is magnificent, a large dome roof held up by pillars greeted me as I approached. As i walked in I saw how beautiful it was, so much light flooded the interior. I could see every quant shop front and the smell of freshly brewed coffee was in the air.


There are 3 levels with shops on the upper level and ground floor but in the basement there are table tennis tables. These tables alone are perfect for #GOMO These tables are free to play and both children and adults alike have lots of fun.


After having a little look around I was ready for coffee and a good shop! There are 3 cafes all together but I decided to go to Vanilla One, this is where I had the best Latte ever! Vanilla One is a small cafe but with lots of choice. I went for a cinnamon and coconut late which was gorgeous! Plus I had a great view of the whole corn exchange.


The shops are in 5 categories, Fashion, Gifts, Health & Beauty, Jewelry and specialist. There is something to please everyone. One of my favourites was The Great Yorkshire Shop which had all the best things that are independently made in Yorkshire. There was great stuff for the home, stationary, gifts, chocolate and so much more. It was also very nicely laid out, very colourful and easy to shop.


There was also a great shop called Culture Vulture which sells great alternative gifts and japanese sweets. My fiance’s favourite shop was Little Leeds Beer House. This shop is very quant and sells specialty beers from small breweries from all over England. All the beers are laid out per region which makes it so easy! My Fiance of course purchased a few ales to try at home.

One other place to mention was a barbers called King Koby’s Chop Shop.  This shop looked like it was out of The Bronx in the 1950’s, worn tan leather sofas and proper barbers chairs lined the interior of the shop along with cool barbers and a very cool vibe. Outside there was also barbers chairs and old crates which just added to the super cool shop.


I will definitely go back to Leeds Corn Exchange, there is such a relaxed friendly vibe and great shopping. The perfect way to #GOMO this summer.

If you’re feeling inspired by #GOMO I have done a previous blog post in Camden with a link where you can investigate #GOMO further and plan your own exciting trips.

Love S x


The list of shops are:

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