Aldi Budget Skin Care- Lacura Face Care


Aldi is a budget supermarket in the UK, they are known for selling food from Europe but they are not known for their skin care.

I decided to branch out and try 2 products from the Lacura Face Care range, I chose Expert Mimox Intensive Care Beautifying Serum with is an Anti-Age oil to be applied to the face morning and night (Β£3.99) and the Caviar Illumination Day Cream in SPF15 (Β£6)

The serum is very thick and has a strong smell of alcohol, it does absorb quickly into the skin and it leaves me with an even complexion. Overtime I think this will reduce wrinkles and for the price it is brilliant. I’m not sure if I will re-purchase this as the smell is very strong and other serums from the high street can deliver the same results.

I am loving the Caviar Illumination Day Cream, I use it after cleansing my face in the morning. The cream is thick and silky and has a really fresh smell, it absorbs into the skin beautifully and it feels very luxurious. This cream is also very well suited as a base-layer for makeup, when I applied my foundation my skin looked even, smooth and bright. I will definitely be re-purchasing this cream and for Β£6 it is amazing.

I will be going back to Aldi to try some other Lacura Face Care products, let me know if you have tried some of their other products and what you thought of them.

Love S x



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