Regime London- Deluxe Collagen

Hello everyone, Two weeks ago I was sent Deluxe Collagen Capsules from Regime London to review and that’s when my skin started to transform.


In the picture above I am wearing only a little blush, lipstick and mascara. Since using the Deluxe Collagen Capsules my skin feels smoothed, plumped and brightened. Since turning 30 my skin has been feeling dull and showing small signs of ageing and I needed something I could fit into my normal #DailyRegime which was quick and easy. I found this product and it is a dream. I simply take 4 capsules a day, 2 shortly after breakfast with water and 2 shortly after dinner with water (Up to 8 capsules can be taken a day for optimum results) This is the first time I have taken supplements and I started to see definite results after a week which was very satisfying and it really boosted my confidence.

Peptan Collagen is made up of natural, high quality Type 1 collagen peptides, which is identical to the collagen found in skin and bones. This highly pure form of collagen contains more than 97% protein and is rich in important amino acids which means regular use will enhance skins natural elasticity and fight against visible signs of ageing.

This wonder product can be purchased from Superdrug HereΒ for Β£21.99 and its on 3 for 2 across all vitamins.

Let me know if you have been using this product and slotting it into your #DailyRegime?

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