My Morning Routine

Hello everybody, We all love our bed but we must eventually wake up and get on with our day.

My day starts with waking up at about 8am and preparing my 1 year olds bottle of milk. Once I give my son his bottle, I get back into bed and scroll through my phone. I love to check instagram and my emails waiting for my son to finish his own little morning routine.

At about 9am my son and I make our way downstairs to have a lazy breakfast and catch up on some You Tube videos. I cant function with out a coffee so that is the first thing I do, I always eat Fruit & Fibre for breakfast served in a bowl from Anthropology which I share with my son as well as his plum porridge.


Whilst catching up on You Tube videos and eating our breakfast I always make a To Do list for the day, I love making lists and it sets out our day ahead.

Once we have finished our breakfast we head back up stairs and I start dressing the beds. I then brush my teeth and start my skin care routine. I Β cleanse, tone and moisturise and head over to my wardrobe to select my outfit. On a normal day I would wear my favourite ASOS Curve ripped jeans, a T-Shirt, a hat and my trusty white Converse.


My everyday makeup routine consists of a little concealer on my blemishes and under my eyes fixed with a translucent powder. I then tame my eyebrows with a eyebrow wax, add a little blusher on my cheeks, a slick of black eyeliner, mascara and a red lip.

I then concentrate on dressing my son, choosing him an adorable outfit and blowing raspberries on his tummy. Whatever the day has to throw at us, whether its a baby activity group, shopping, blogging or exploring we are ready!

What is your morning routine?

Love S x



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