Getting Ready For The Week Ahead

Hello All! Sundays are made for lounging in bed until noon, reading newspapers and eating amazing brunches, but it’s also for getting ready for the week ahead and being as organised as you can be. Preparation is key to making the week ahead as hassle free as possible and its important to get body and mind prepared as well.


There are 5 little things that I like to do on Sundays to prepare for the week ahead;

The two P’s, Plan & Prioritize

If you are anything like me then you love stationary and have approximately 5000 notebooks which is perfect for planning, planning, planning! I always write down exactly what I want to achieve in the week ahead, such as jobs around the house, any correspondence I need to catch up on or even any shopping I need to get. I also make sure to write down any appointments or deadlines which are approaching so I can keep on top of them. It’s just easier to write everything down because “To Do” lists can easily get lost in my head. When I have a rough list, I then prioritize and make sure I don’t get lost on small details.


Tidy, Tidy, Tidy

It is crucial to start the week with a tidy clean house. There is nothing worse on a Monday morning than running around the house desperately trying to find something because everywhere is so messy. I make sure I do lots of laundry,change bed sheets, clean the bathroom, hoover and generally have a little house faff. My cosmetics get tided and organised along with my skin care so it’s super easy to complete my everyday routine without too much fuss. I love this part of my Sunday as I find it so satisfying!


Outfit Planning

This might be my favourite Sunday preperation of them all, Outfit planning! I normally only plan my outfit for Monday morning but it would be great to plan an outfit for every day. My first step is to think what my Monday has in store for me, I then go through my wardrobe and select an outfit along with accessories. Its really helpful to take a flat lay photo of the outfit complete and then put the clothes together on a hanger so it can be grabbed in the morning and the photo can be referred to because Monday mornings are far to horrendous to outfit plan!

Me Time

This is very important because everybody needs “Me Time”Light lots of candles, Β Jump in the bath and have an extremely long soak with a book/ You Tube video/Netflix and RELAX!! I shave, wash my hair and put on a facemask. This sets me up for the week ahead and gives me some much needed quiet time.



The best way to get ahead for the week is to get enough sleep! Not only is it good for the mind it is also good for the skin. Good sleep can make your skin look brighter and refreshed. I try to be asleep by 10pm, but I do not go on social media after 9pm as it is over stimulating and makes my mind wonder. My bedroom is my sanctuary and I curl up under the covers and get cosy. As long as I get some good sleep then I can handle whatever the week has to throw at me!



Love S x


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