What I’m Loving On Netflix

Hello guys, Who doesn’t love a good Netflix binge! I love discovering new shows as well as watching some old classics. I’m currently loving……


This is my favourite show at the moment, A Netflix original, Β I love Drew Barrymore as a suburban Mum and real estate agent who also happens to be undead and eats bad guys. Its a mix of horror and comedy with brilliant acting.


The Good Wife is an oldie but a goody! It took me a few years to actually get involved with this show but once I did I didn’t look back. Set in Chicago, it deals with a complicated relationship between with a cheating politician and his attorney wife. Legal drama at its best.


Ru Paul’s Drag Race is my not so guilty pleasure! This is a show I have recently been loving and it is hilarious! Americas Next Top Model crossed with a drag show see’s a contestant being sent home every episode after competing in different challenges.


The classic british sitcom! Del Boy and Rodney Trotter are a institution which sees them battle through life to try and become millionaires. There are only a few episodes on Netflix, mostly specials but its a brilliant trip down memory lane.


Another Netflix original, Love is an anti Rom Com which shows the reality of relationships set against the backdrop of L.A. Achingly honest and deeply funny. There is currently the first season on Netflix (I watched the complete season in 1 day!) I hope the second season is coming soon.

What are you currently loving on Netflix?

Love S x

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