How I Do My Eyebrows


Hello All, Today I want to talk about Brows. I’ve always had very full brows and they can sometimes be uncontrollable. At the moment I have found my perfect brow products.  I have discovered Brow This Way by Rimmel London, I use two products out of the range, a wax and powder palette in dark brown (£3.99) and a styling gel in dark brown (£4.49).

First of all I run a spooly through my brows to brush them and get all the hairs facing the same way. I then use a mix of the wax and powder out of the palette to fill in any gaps and to add a little length as my brows are unfortunately not the same length. When I am happy with the width and length I then go over them with the styling gel, a little of the gel goes a long way and can be a little messy to apply but I am pleased with the results especially as they are really good value for money.


Have you got any brow products to recommend? I am dying to use the benefit brow range. If you have used any products from that range, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Love S x


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