My Current Skincare Regime

Hello Everyone, Today I’m talking about skincare. Being over 30, I take my skincare very seriously and I actually take pleasure in the ritual. Over the years I have changed the products I use numerous times but I have a few items that have stood the test of time and right now I am very happy with my routine.


Lets start with my morning skincare. First of all I go over my face with Garnier Micellar Water, I like this product because its easy to use and kind to my skin which can be dry and sensitive. After this first step I then cleanse my face with Clean and clear deep cleansing lotion for sensitive skin which I have been using for 20 years (Scary!) My skin has never tired of this cleanser (surprisingly) and I’m always very pleased with the results as it lifts off so much dirt from my skin even when I think its clean.

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After cleansing I then continue on to serums, the first serum is Vitamin C by Art Naturals. I use this serum to brighton and even skin tone, it feels very luxurious and absorbs really fast. I then move on to hyaluronic acid which is for moisturising and skin plumping, this serum is also by Art Naturals and is as luxurious and fast absorbing as the last. After these steps I then move on to makeup.

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My evening routine has a few more steps than my morning routine. First of all I use The Body Shop Camomile cleansing balm (Buy Here) which melts my makeup away very quickly and it does not irritate my eyes. This cleanser is a great Emma Hardie Moringa balm but at a fraction of the cost. When all my makeup has been removed I then wash my face with a product I picked up in France from a company called SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique which is a very gentle cleanser (Buy Here) this product can also be used on the eyes.

My next step is exfoliating, for this I use St. Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub (Buy Here) I love this as it is a very coarse but yet gentle enough to use often. Once my face is fully cleansed I move on to another art Naturals product, 2.5% retinol which is collagen boosting and battles the signs of ageing. This serum has has transformed my skin and I definitely have seen a difference with crows feet and blemishes. Now for the final step, moisturising. For this I use another Body Shop product, Drops Of Youth Bouncy sleeping mask (Buy Here) This mask literally is a bouncy formula which leaves my skin gloriously soft and supple.

What is your favourite skin care product?

Love S x



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