The Wonderful World Of A Pony Called Steve

Hello Everyone, Today I’m talking about an amazing independent cruelty free vegetarian  brand called A Pony Called Steve. I recently discovered this colourful brand on Instagram and I instantly fell in love.

I know you are wondering about the quirky name, as was I when I first saw it. The owners Emma + Aminah came up with the name for their Scottish based brand when they had a boutique in the west end of Glasgow, comuting  from to different sides of the city and fighting with the traffic and they joked that they would start coming to work on a pony and the story built momentum from there and a very memorable fun name was born.


A Pony Called Steve is known for

  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Amazing scents
  • Fabulous ingredients
  • Cruelty free products
  • Vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) friendly products

and to top it all off the products are all made in the U.K and the whole brand is ran by females which is fantastic. All products can be purchased in boutiques up and down the country and on their website   

I have been lucky enough to receive some products and try them out, and my god are they gorgeous! I have been using the Honeyed Raspberry hand wash and Pink Lemonade candle for over a week and they are both extremely luxurious and highly fragranced.



I have extremely sensitive skin and I have been using the hand wash with out any problems with dryness, the  sweet scent leaves my hands smelling great for hours after use in fact the whole bathroom smells fantastic. The colourful watercolour packaging looks great and is very now.  The hand wash retails for £8 ( Buy Here) but to receive 10% off at the checkout use code STYLELIFE10.


Now time to talk about my favourite product the pink lemonade candle, bliss. This amazing candle is made from natural Soy wax and has roughly a burn time of 30 hours. Without even lighting the candle the whole room instantly smells of pink lemonade which instantly makes me think of hot summer holidays. I have been lighting the candle in the day and letting the fragrance ingulf me whilst pottering around and day dreaming, this would make an amazing gift and it works perfectly with the rest of my candle collection. This retails for £9.50 (Buy here) but if you enter STYLELIFE10 at the checkout as above you will receive 10% off your order.

As well as the products which I have used they also sell body lotions, bath & body wash, soap, bath fizz, travel sets and solid perfume. I can not wait to try more.

Love S x



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