5 Minute Review…. Lottie London Glitter Switch Transforming Liquid Lipstick

Hello People, Today I’m going to be talking about Lottie London Glitter Switch Liquid Lipstick. I am a self confessed lipstick addict and now that its Autumn I have pulled out all my favourite dark and berry shades ready to take the season by storm.

Lottie London Lip Glitter Switch – ยฃ6

I have recently been loving the brand Lottie London, and they have a new product called Glitter Switch which is a transforming liquid lipstick that’s contains glitter which when the lipstick is dry comes to the surface when the lips are pressed together . Its a pretty great product in theory and a very good gimmick but as some liquid lipsticks are is it dry, or too sticky with the glitter and has it got staying power?


I have the shade Killin’ It and it is a gorgeous dark berry colour which is extremely pigmented, literally applied one swipe and my lips were covered. The formula feels fine, the same as a lot of other liquid lipsticks and it dried very quickly.

image2I waited for about a minute for the lipstick to dry and then I pressed my lips together (Something I was extremely excited for) and instantly the lipstick transformed into a purple glitter dream.ย image4I love how the glitter looks, but my lips were very sticky. This is something I can live with but not if I’m wearing the lipstick over a long period of time. If this doesn’t bother you then this product is great! It covers very very well and it looks gorgeous. The staying power is great too, it did not budge for hours.

All in all I would give this a strong 7/10, I think I will be wearing this when going out for drinks as it is really impactful.

Have you used the glitter switch lipstick? What did you think?

Let Me know….

Love S x



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