Whats On My Amazon Wish List


Hi Guys, Today Im going to be talking about what is on my Amazon wish list. I do not know one person who isn’t obsessed with Amazon and why wouldn’t you be when they sell everything from A to Z.

As I love everything beauty and homeware that is what my wish list mostly consists of, along with a few hard to come by snacks (who else is obsessed with green tea Kitkats from Japan?) Let me know in the comments  if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them?


First up is this super cute Mini Handheld Fan Portable USB Desk Fan – £9.99 (Available Here)  This portable hand held fan is perfect for use with skincare, drying your skin between each stage and for on the go (perfect for hot dressing rooms). A spring/Summer essential.


One for all the organisation junkies out there, A rotating makeup/skincare organiser – £20.99 Perfect for organising all of that special skincare which isn’t kept in a drawer or a cabinet that you need on hand. Great addition to any beauty lovers home.  (Available Here)


Next up is this amazing pink Swan sensor bin – £69.95 (Available Here) If you are a fan of retro homeware then this bin is for you. The sensory design is a hygienic alternative to the standard and of course the colour is to die for ( there is a whole pink range available from Swan including a fridge)


Now something to make the cleaning of makeup brushes less time consuming, a colour removal sponge – £5.99 (Available Here) The sponge removes redundant powder from the brush making it available to use another colour/product immediately. Such a convenient product which can be cleaned straight after use, Plus such a steal for £5.99.


I’m obsessed with these LED vanity mirror lights – £16.99 for precise makeup application and a touch of Hollywood glamour. With three light settings you will be able to use these any time of day and any time of year.  (Available Here)


Everyone has probably seen these on Instagram but the Uji Matcha Green Tea Kitkats – £8.90 are amazing and are worth the hype. The subtle taste of green tea mixed with the texture of a Kitkat makes for a yummy snack, especially as these are mini size.  (Available Here)


Now for a guilty pleasure, Pop Tarts! Specifically Strawberry Milkshake Pop Tarts – £9.63 (Available Here) An easy and very yummy snack (not just breakfast) for when you just need something on the go.


Lastly is this novelty Witches Brew mug – £9.10 (Available Here)  I love Halloween so I would use this mug all year round but this would also be great at a Halloween party or for storage in a kitchen. I love the design on four little feet.

Love S x




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