Thrifted Bamboo Furniture

Hi Guys, Today i’m going to be talking about thrifted bamboo furniture and home accessories. I am such a fan of these classic pieces and thrifting is a great way to repurpose old furniture that just needs some TLC.

I have purchased some of these pieces from vintage stores and Facebook marketplace. Marketplace is a great resource for vintage furniture and normally at amazing prices!

Facebook MarketPlace

This amazing 3 drawer cabinet was a steal from Market Place for just £10! Its in perfect condition and the size is just right for my living room.

This perfect size, perfect condition, perfect colour magazine wrack was £5 and its great to store my sons magazines without being to intrusive in the pace.

This amazing shelving unit was an incredible £4, just £4 for a mini shelving unit which fits snugly with my dressing table. This piece did need some cleaning but that is a small price to pay (literally)

Vintage Store

The first thrifted piece I purchased was this mirror which was about £5. It looks really great in my En-Suit bathroom as it isn’t too big.

I have been using this magazine wrack for winter hat storage in my dressing room, I didn’t need to use it for storing magazines so I repurposed it and its worked out great. I purchased this piece for about £4. I think this is the worst condition that I have got a piece in but its fine.

And lastly is this tray which I use for candles on my coffee table in my living room. I got this piece for £3 and it was in ok condition.

In my experience I have found that the pieces from marketplace are in better condition than the pieces that I have thrifted so I would definitely recommend going on line. I am yet to try Ebay but I can’t wait to find some treasures on there too.

What is your fave piece? Let me know in the comments

Love S x

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