How I Customise my iPhone 11 (iOS 14 edition)

Hello there people, Today I am talking about how I customise my iPhone 11 (iOS14 edition).

Since the iOS 14 update has come into force I have had a ball customising my home screen, adding widgets and shortcuts. I will also touch on where I find my wall papers.

I have loved the fact that I can give my home screen life by using coloured shortcuts which adds to the atheistic perfectly. I use the app “shortcuts” which is free in the App Store. It’s really simple to use and the symbols and the colours can be added. It is important to note that using shortcuts does add a step between opening the app you want and it actually opening.

I have chosen to use pink shortcuts but I have only used them for the phone, messages, WhatsApp, mail, safari and online banking.

Another great feature of iOS 14 is the edition of being able to add widgets. I have added photos, date, reminders and a quote and its made my phone so personal. I use the app Widgetsmith which is free on the App Store and it is so easy to use.

The widgets come in the sizes mall, medium and large. I have used small for the date and the reminders, the medium I have used for a photo and quote and the large for photos.

I use Pinterest for the wallpaper as there is something for everybody’s aesthetic and this month as we are close to Halloween I have gone for a mystic theme which defiantly goes with my colour scheme.

As for the rest of my apps I arrange them according to genre for example, shopping and social etc.

I will have so much fun customising my phone for each holiday/season. Let me know in the comments if you have customised your phone?

Love S x

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