Joanie Clothing Autumn 2021

Hello Guys, Today I’m talking about the fabulous clothing brand Joanie Clothing which is a unique vintage-style womenswear brand with sizes ranging from 8-22.

With Autumn/Fall just around the corner (In my head its already here) we all need a wardrobe shake up and Joanie is the place to get that cosy retro fix. From dresses to Cool slogan jumpers, Joanie has something for everyone even the most gorgeous denim jumpsuit.

Make a hot drink and snuggle down for my pick of the most adorable pieces including affiliate links.

Carrie Hope Fletcher X Joanie Candice Secret Garden Midi Dress
Midi Dress – £48
Neve Weirdos Slogan Tee

Tee – £25
Karen Afternoon Delight Jumper
Jumper – £45
Carrie Hope Fletcher X Joanie Luna Moonscape Sweatshirt
Sweatshirt – £38
MacDougal Indigo Denim Long Sleeve Boilersuit
Jumpsuit – £55
Cinna Square Neck Autumn Flower Print Midi Dress
Midi Dress – £48
Chamomile Autumn Berry Print Blouse
Blouse – £35
Anneka Leopard Print Boilersuit
Boilersuit – £48

Which piece is your favourite? Let me know in the comments

Love S x

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